Chiellini: Buffon Changing Things Difficult to Be Easy

Chiellini: Buffon Changing Things Difficult to Be Easy

Giorgio Chiellini made a statement saying that Juventus captain and Italian national team Gianluigi Buffon was able to make difficult things easier.

The goalkeeper is likely to be in his last season as a player, as he has repeatedly talked about hanging up his shoes after the 2018 World Cup.

“I’ve been through tidal levels with Buffon for 12 years,” Chiellini told FIFA’s official website.

“Obviously there are definitely happy moments as well as the tense moments that we have passed before the game.”

“I played against him, before finally becoming a teammate, and I was lucky enough to score into the net.”

“Buffon is a great leader, be it in the field and outside.”

“Even everyone, whether they’re teammates or opponents, says he makes things hard look easy.”

“He has always been a role model for his teammates, both young and old.”

Buffon has been nominated for FIFA goalkeeper of the Year, and Chiellini supports his team-mate to win it.

“I think he deserves it because he has an amazing season and because the salvation he has done has led us to win every trophy.”

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