Neville: Something Less Martial

Neville: Something Less Martial

Former Manchester United player Gary Neville feels that Anthony Martial has just presented 85 percent of his ability.

French striker was more played by Mourinho as a super-sub. Role it back he did in the game against Tottenham Hotspur, in the game he managed to become the hero of the Red Devils, and ensure MU came home with three points.

Of the 14 games he played this season, Martial successfully contributed six goals and six assists, with Neville believing that the player has the ability to become a star in the Premier League.

“Martial’s career at Manchester United is full of distractions,” the Englishman told reporters.

“A player with talent like him, should be able to power here. He’s also lost his place in the French national side, obviously there’s something wrong with him. ”

“Mourinho and French national team manager [Didier Deschamps] are a bit off his spirits. I always feel that he is just showing 85 percent of his ability.

“If he shows 15 percent extra again, then he will be able to do anything. He has everything you want: calm in front of goal, great skill, speed, and strength. But there is still a little less than him. ‘

“The best players in the world do not know the word ‘but’. Players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez do not have the word ‘but’ in their dictionary.

“Martial is still far from that category, but that’s the position he has to pursue. He was bought for 50 million pounds, and with the talent he has, he should be able to improve his performance. ”

“He scored in important matches. He is always ready for important moments, and has the right tempramen to be able to appear in big games. But come on, we want to see that every week. ”

“He could be a player who scored 20 goals from 20 matches. It can be accomplished, if he really wants it, and strives to be one of the best. “

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